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Quick Overview

7.5mtr Nasal Oxygen Cannula is for use with oxygen concentrators.

The nasal cannula (NC) is a device used to deliver supplemental oxygen or airflow to a patient or person in need of respiratory help. This accessory  consists of a lightweight tube which on one end splits into two prongs which are placed in the nostrils and from which a mixture of air and oxygen flows.

Soft funnel shape connector facilitates easy connection to the oxygen source. Multichannel tube ensures the supply of oxygen even if the tube kinks accidentally. Non-sterile, individually packed in poly bag.

Nasal cannulas are used to deliver oxygen when a low flow, low or medium concentration is required, and the patient is in a stable state.

The advantages of nasal cannulas for patients who have chronic stable respiratory problems is that it is possible to eat, drink and talk while using them; they also reduce the risk of carbon dioxide rebreathing. Dry nasal passages can be a problem initially but with continued use this usually resolves itself.